Humans of Quinn: Jacqui Wiseman

Humans of Quinn is an initiative to celebrate our family of 10,000+! We are so happy to do this with our growing community that feels like home.
Jacqui is a mom of two boys who keep her very busy and it wasn’t until recently that she was able to change the way she treated her hair. A lot of us agree to have unknowingly facilitated hair damage upon ourselves by applying too much heat. Jacqui is one of us! She also struggled with a lot of scalp issues for quite some time, and that is primarily why she has embarked on this healthy journey, she tells Quinn.
Having always been an anxious self-conscious person, embracing everything about herself wasn’t always the easiest for Jacqui. There were times she could not leave the house without makeup even when going on a grocery run. Nevertheless, Jacqui knew her outlook had to change when her first son started kindergarten for she could not have him growing up in a world where he constantly lived through the fear of being judged.
However, the process of self-security isn’t as easy. When Jacqui first stopped wearing makeup, people would ask if she was sick and that made her feel judged. Eventually, she learnt not to worry about what they thought and chose herself. We’re so happy for her! 😄
Ever since Jacqui has started embracing her hair’s wavy texture, she has been receiving so many compliments and nothing makes us happier than seeing our community love themselves through every day of their progress!
She is finally learning to enhance her hair’s naturally wavy pattern. In addition to this, she refuses to colour her hair. Her logic behind deciding to follow a healthy hair care routine stems from the logic that the more she looks after her hair, the less likely she is to scratch her itchy scalp and make things worse.
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Jacqui absolutely loves Quinn’s calendar set-up that helps her take note of wash days, treatments, products and styling techniques. She loves adding photos that she can look back on and we love that it helps with her self confidence. Jacqui has also been loving the hair care reminders when there’s a deep conditioning treatment or when she needs to plan her wash days in advance.
Discovering the Quinn app has been absolutely fantastic for tracking my progress. Following others on their hair journey and learning from them and being able to record my products used, methods and results in a calendar has made this all so much easier!
Jacqui’s holy grail products are TréLuxe HD gel and their ReFlex serum, Kinky curly curling custard & uncle funky’s daughter curly magic and flaxseed gel such as orange marmalade or a DIY version. In addition to this, she recommends a perfect haircare towel and a microfibre lined shower cap.
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