Top haircare brands across the United States and Europe!

Bringing to you a brief yet comprehensive compilation of the most used products across our two most popular countries!
Everyone across the globe has different personal preferences and while they might not agree on a lot of things, Quinn’s data shows that some groups in our community share their hair care preferences! With 10,000+ people on board the first app made for people who have wavy, curly, or kinky textured hair, Quinn’s records were the right source to bring to you which products stood out to thousands of our members in USA and Europe. We looked at the most commonly used products by our members across 45 US states and 26 European countries and here are our observations!


Source: Quinn's Database
Source: Quinn's Database
United Kingdom- Cantu
Germany- Cantu
Ireland- Cantu
Switzerland- Cantu
Croatia- Cantu
Hungary- Cantu
Sweden- Cantu
Portugal- Cantu
Finland- Cantu
Poland- Cantu
Slovenia- Cantu
Ukraine- Cantu
Denmark- As I Am
Romania- Bounce Curl
Netherlands- Creme of Nature
Spain- Garnier
Italy- Garnier
France- Garnier
Slovakia- Garnier
Republic of Lithuania- Garnier
Belgium- Giovanni
Norway- Giovanni
Czechia- Giovanni
Austria- Giovanni
Russia- Petal Fresh
Macedonia- Curl Smith

United States of America

Source: Quinn's Database
Source: Quinn's Database
California- Not Your Mother's
Texas- Not Your Mother's
Florida- Not Your Mother's
Illinois- Giovanni
Ohio- Not Your Mother's
New York- Not Your Mother's
Virginia- Not Your Mother's
North Carolina- SheaMoisture
Oklahoma- Not Your Mother's
Michigan- Not Your Mother's
Maryland- SheaMoisture
Colorado- SheaMoisture
Pennsylvania- Not Your Mother's
Wisconsin- Kinky Curly
Oregon- Not Your Mother's
Minnesota- Herbal Essences
Massachusetts- SheaMoisture
Missouri- Not Your Mother's
New Jersey- Not Your Mother's
Indiana- Not Your Mother's
Tennessee- Kinky Curly
Idaho- Not Your Mother's
Albama- Cantu
Vermont- Malibu C
Connecticut- Not Your Mother's
Utah- Herbal Essences
Arizona- Not Your Mother's
Kansas- Not Your Mother's
South Carolina- Giovanni
New Hampshire- CurlSmith
Nebraska- Jessicurl
Kentucky- Not Your Mother's
District of Columbia- Kinky Curly
Iowa- Not Your Mother's
Nevada- As I Am
Montana- SheaMoisture
Rhode Island- Cantu
Delaware- OLAPLEX
Louisiana- SheaMoisture
West Virginia- Uncle Funky's daughter
Maine- LA Looks
Mississippi- As I Am
New Mexico- BioSilk
Alaska- SheaMoisture
North Dakota- CurlSmith
Arkansas- Suave
Hawaii- Innersence
The pattern observed in the United States of America was quite different from the one we observed in Europe. Our European community completely surprised us! Cantu as a brand was the biggest hit in Europe with 12 out of 26 countries choosing it and 9 out of those 12 countries loving the Cantu's Curl Activator Cream.
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