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Having curly hair isn't easy, especially when you constantly want to bring that flat iron on. Noelys had 13 years worth of heat damage. This is her journey to loving her curly hair. She tells Quinn how her sister always had gorgeous, natural curls and it piqued her curiosity to see whether her hair could ever look anything similar to her sister's. After speaking with her sister, she knew she had to put that flat iron away and control the heat damage. It was time to start taking care of her scalp like never before!
Noelys' holy grail products are the Curlsmith strength line, as well as Not Your Mother's Curl talk line products.
There are certain times when our insecurities get the best of us. On being asked what was the one thing that makes her confident in her own skin, Noelys told us that taking care of her hair and actually achieving the gorgeous curls that she has, made her feel super confident.
However, when she started her journey, there were times when she felt very discouraged and rightly so. Nothing comes easy and there was a phase when she couldn't see an improvement for quite some time. On that note, Noelys has a reminder for all of us!
Remember things take time, and everyone’s journey is different; I have a great group of people who support me and compliment my hair a lot. Thankfully I’ve never received anything negative. It’s always been positive. If anything, I am my worst critic. But I’ve learned to stop being so harsh on myself.
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Noelys has now been on her curly hair journey since mid-September of 2020 and she is absolutely loving the health of her hair and scalp! We are so glad she is able to experience this refreshing feeling and we could not be happier to be a part of this beautiful journey. Just like Noelys, we hope that everyone who becomes a part of our family finds their curlfriends!
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