How does the Quinn app push people to be their unfiltered selves?

Do you think an original "I woke up like this" selfie exists? We know that social media has taken away the authenticity and essence of people's personalities and genuine looks. Why have we started to think twice before posting a picture of our faces after advocating the fact that everyone is always beautiful? It is quite a possibility that one just wants to wear some cosy pyjamas, sit back in their bed, look at some cliché Netflix romantic comedies and post a photo dump.
Moving past the apprehensions
After speaking to hundreds of women globally about the various fears and apprehensions that they had before posting an image of themselves online, the responses did not fail to surprise us.
In the current status quo, the number of likes and comments on an image has started to define people’s self-worth. Among a pool of insecurities that we can dive into, some include not looking thin enough, not having flawless skin, not having hair in place, not having a perfect angle for the picture, wearing too many or too little clothes, and most of all wondering what would one be perceived as by the people around them in their respective social circles. This has led people to become underconfident and feel that the concept of posting one’s own pictures online is frivolous.
A community that makes you feel at home
What if there was an app that made you believe that there could be a wholesome community on the internet that comes together to track the progress of their hair with unfiltered images? We all wish for an application where everyone always looks beautiful to the eye and the only thing it wants to do is make insecurities get out of one’s hair. We’d love it! That is exactly what the Quinn app brings to the table. We want those unfiltered morning snaps, those before and after images of untangled hair, life updates and we want to see women support other women in every way.
Here at Quinn, women across the globe share their haircare routines and help other women choose the products that are just right for them. At Quinn, we eliminate competition, bogus images and self-doubt because we firmly believe that everyone should consider social media their safe space and hence, we provide them with that safe space! The only perfect for us is self-satisfaction at the end of the day. We would love for one to be comfortable in their own skin (or hair).
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Tracking your progress over time
Whether your hair is wavy, curly, straight, coarse, high on density or high on porosity- Quinn is your space. From something as little as getting a new hair conditioner delivered to your place or something as big as getting the ideal hair on your birthday, this is quite like a journal that you wouldn’t mind sharing with thousands of people (because they are gonna uplift you and your mood like nobody ever has before). This is your ideal Non-Judgemental Breakfast Club, contrary to the one that Gossip Girl introduced you to. Your journey on the app is going to reach people with a similar hair type. Unlike in the OTT dramas, Quinn is going to share this with your consent!
The app is open to becoming a platform that has its users share all sorts of updates. This helps bring a certain sense of comfort and homeliness to the users when sharing their stories. For instance, one user on the app could share how did she was her hair this morning and the other could click a random picture of herself and share how she has been too lazy to do any haircare lately but is open to receiving suggestions about the best products.
Personalised for you
The Quinn app has exclusively been dedicated to tracking your hair care routine and the progress that your hair make.
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It provides one with a calendar view for them to view their hair logs in one place while connecting them with authentic people who have the same hair type as them to learn from their experience.
This minimises one’s trial and error for hair care products. Get the healthy hair that you have been wanting by setting realistic goals that the Quinn app will help you achieve through reminders and routines! How much haircare is too much haircare? You would never know unless you were to track it!
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