Quinn - world's first app for the curly girl method

Written by Mohit Kinra
Updated 21st May, 2021
Taking care of wavy & curly hair could be overwhelming. Unpredictable results, too many products to choose from, not knowing what works, and more!
Quinn is world's first app made for people who have wavy, curly or kinky textured hair. It helps you achieve consistent good hair days, and introduces you to a loving community! ❤️
Here is why Quinn is loved by 10,000+ users.

Hair journaling, made fun! ✏️ 📆

How many times do you look up into your phone's gallery and wish you could recreate that look, but have no clue what products and techniques you used that day!
Many of us have tried journaling on notes, notebooks, and even google sheets.
With Quinn, you get a dedicated interface to log your hair journey, keep a track of your progress, and learn what works best for your hair!
You can add images, tag wash & refresh days, protein treatments, products used, rate your results, and lastly, setup reminders so you never miss those deep conditioning treatments!
notion image
notion image

Connect & learn from your hair twins 💁‍♀️

At Quinn, everyone has a personal profile with their hair properties, such as porosity, thickness, density & texture.
When you're looking to explore haircare routines or journeys, or take inspiration around a particular technique, you can easily search for your hair twins by applying a filter
Also, in case you're looking for advice and want to ask a question about your routine or wash day results, we notify everyone on Quinn who has the same hair properties like yours, and they can jump in to troubleshoot your issues!

Product Reviews & Ingredients ✅

Majority of the beauty product reviews today on YouTube & Instagram are paid promotions.
We’ve built a system of authentic and honest reviews on Quinn. Here's how it works:
Our community members can only review the beauty products which they have used for sufficient number of applications.
Each review has the hair properties of the reviewer, and their visual hair logs whenever they have used that product.
This helps you get a more transparent picture about a product and make a better purchase decision.
notion image
notion image

A loving community

When most people start their hair documentation journey on Instagram, it starts of as a way to share your authentic learnings, but very quickly takes a competitive form, wherein anything less than perfect can't be posted.
There exists no place for failed wash or refresh days, and it starts to build up some anxiety.
At Quinn, we have been able to tackle this by keeping it raw and unfiltered. It's all about haircare, wherein people express their true selves without the fear of being judged or worrying about what to post & what not to.
The 10,000+ community is extremely supportive & collaborative, welcoming each new member with love!

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